Slow changes at the “Lab”

Just taking a moment here to update everyone. I have been so busy and that has not allowed me to keep up the website very well and post fresh and more current projects. I do post to the Classic Tube Facebook site quite a bit so more current activity’s will be fresh. I’m placing much more emphasis on only servicing the classic tube audio components. Solid state components not so much unless they are early McIntosh. Why you might ask..? well simple I do not like solid state components and do not like working on them.. simple I also do wish to make clear please do not ask me specifics on how to refurbish or modify your own do it yourself projects. I get a lot of this type of requests.(I’m happy to do the work for you) This new year of 2019 we will finally be re-working the website and adding much more and fresh projects. As always keep me in mind for your service and repair needs


Dr. Tubeology


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