Pair of Dynaco Mark III MonoBlocks For Sale (SOLD) but I have another pair in restoration and rebuild!

1 pair of Dynaco Mono MK III’s Super Clean, No Restoration Needed, with GE 6550 output tubes that test strong, and 6an8 input tube that is still the original Dynaco tube that also tests very strong.

You get 2 very clean original un-restored Dynaco Mark III amps with – 4 GE KT88/6550 power tubes, and 2 original 6an8 input/driver tubes for $800.00 USD + shipping (Dynaco’s SOLD) I do have another pair that are now in the restoration process. Please inquire if you are interested

Virgin Dynaco Mark III's

Dynaco MK III’s they have very strong test 6550 or KT88 GE output tubes. The 6AN8 input and driver tube still has the Dynaco label on it!

Un-restored dynaco mark III top view

Top view along with it’s very clean cage resting to the right