The Fisher “FM-1000” Dr. Tubeology restore’s (update 4-7-12)

Very Rare! “Fisher FM-1000” When released by Avery Fisher this tuner was considered the best of the best. Fisher designed and built it to be a “broadcast” reference tuner. This began the “war” of tuner’s with Saul Marantz taking on the challenge to better it. The famed Marantz 10 & 10b sprang out of this. To this day both the FM1000 and the Marantz 10b are by most accounts the best two Stereo FM tuners ever built!.. Stay “tuned” as I begin a photo documentation of a full restoration on this rare component. Updates will be posted at various times. You will not want to miss this!…. in the end I will actually do a side by side listening comparison with my Marantz restored 10b

Dr. “Tubeology”


See our page “Tech Stuff” for a gallery of photos I have just added on the restoration progress of this famed Fisher FM-1000 tuner.. it’s moving right along.

For Sale – Fisher FM-90-B Tube Stereo Tuner

This Fisher Tuner is very clean and freshly restored and works very well, We are asking $190.00 USD + shipping for this awesome tuner.

front view Fisher FM Tuner model FM-90-B

For Sale Fisher FM Tuner model FM-90-B - restored

Close up of the Fisher FM-90-B while its on

Close up of the Fisher FM-90-B Powered up

Rear view of a fine Fisher FM stereo tuner, its been reworked and aligned