A special audio experience “The Classic McIntosh C20”

Pictured a McIntosh C20 pre-amplifier. Note the full compliment of Telefunkin tubes all NOS test! It came in with an intermittent noise in both channels. A few caps later along with some proper contact cleaning and a bit of “Tubeology” work with selection/match of the Telefunkin’s and our proprietary tube socket and pin contact enhancing process (DNA) It’s sounding  stunning! In audiophile terms, “fast, transparent, detailed, deep and layered sound-stage, engaging”front of 20c mcintosh pre-amp

Very Vintage Kay Guitar Amp – SOLD

Well it is time to let go of some gear, and this is the first piece to go. we have a very vintage KAY from the late 30’s to mid 40’s since I can’t find another one anywhere on the web I have no way to date it.

What I do know is the following:

  • The 6n6 tube was first manufactured in 1939 so the amp must be from after then.
  • We have a field coil speaker which means that it was probably earlier than 1952 or so because that was when they were able to produce magnets that were strong enough and affordable for speakers
  • The covering of the cabinet is made of the same stuff early aircraft were covered with
  • The soldering was very well done so it is probably post war since there was a rather high demand for electronics after the war and there were a lot of trained electronics assemblers that needed work

If anyone knows any more about this very cool and good sounding amp please feel free to contact us.This small amp produces about 4 watts of power and has been restored and upgraded with new caps, and a 3 prong grounded cord. The buyer will receive the original caps and all the other “bad” parts that were removed during the restoration.

2 HeathKit W5M Monoblock Power AMPS – SOLD

What we have here is a pair of fully restored Heathkit W5M mono amps they have a quad of tungsol KT66 tubes that test good. The chassis are very clean and look almost new!

Got Heathkit in your dreams? You can own them for $ 950.00 ( note as of 4-11 I have a pending sale) I will update once the sale is complete ( UPDATE: Sale is complete ) They have a new home

Own this mint restored pair for $ 950.00

Heathkit W-5M mono amplifier completed restoration

mint Heathkit w-5m Mono Amp

Heathkit W-5M close up of new parts

Heathkit W-5M close up of new parts

For Sale – Fisher FM-90-B Tube Stereo Tuner

This Fisher Tuner is very clean and freshly restored and works very well, We are asking $190.00 USD + shipping for this awesome tuner.

front view Fisher FM Tuner model FM-90-B

For Sale Fisher FM Tuner model FM-90-B - restored

Close up of the Fisher FM-90-B while its on

Close up of the Fisher FM-90-B Powered up

Rear view of a fine Fisher FM stereo tuner, its been reworked and aligned

Pair of Dynaco Mark III MonoBlocks For Sale (SOLD) but I have another pair in restoration and rebuild!

1 pair of Dynaco Mono MK III’s Super Clean, No Restoration Needed, with GE 6550 output tubes that test strong, and 6an8 input tube that is still the original Dynaco tube that also tests very strong.

You get 2 very clean original un-restored Dynaco Mark III amps with – 4 GE KT88/6550 power tubes, and 2 original 6an8 input/driver tubes for $800.00 USD + shipping (Dynaco’s SOLD) I do have another pair that are now in the restoration process. Please inquire if you are interested

Virgin Dynaco Mark III's

Dynaco MK III’s they have very strong test 6550 or KT88 GE output tubes. The 6AN8 input and driver tube still has the Dynaco label on it!

Un-restored dynaco mark III top view

Top view along with it’s very clean cage resting to the right