Tube Monster – By James DeRosso

James DeRosso makes really cool monster sculptures of all types, when he was visiting me one day a few months ago he saw my tube collection and he asked for a few old tubes, well here is the result  if you would like to see some of his other monsters or if you want to commission your very own custom tube monster you can check out his website or blog here .

James DeRosso tube monster

James DeRosso tube monster and a Miniwatt ECL 80

In case you are wondering – the amp is an 18watt el84 / 6bq5 Marshall Plexi clone with a ppmv and the guitar is a 1968 Gibson es335

here is a more normal monster without the tube 🙂

James DeRosso Monsters - Portland, OR

A Tubeless Monster by James DeRosso - awesome

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