Buying Fisher

Classic Tube Audio is now buying select Fisher Stereo and Mono Audio Components including Pre-amps, Power Amps, Tuners, and Integrated amplifiers in Any Condition – Working or Not

If you have one of these vintage Fisher Audio Components please Contact us and we will get you a fair offer within 24 hours. If possible please send several photos or a good description of the item / items you wish to sell.

Please check out our FAQ or send us any questions you might have via  email or use the contact form.

Thank You,
Pat and Paul
Fisher Audio Logo
Here is a list of some of the more popular models that we are looking for however if you have something that is not on this list please contact us with the specifics, we also buy surplus tubes and other brands of vintage audio gear.

Power Amplifiers Integrated Amplifiers Pre Amplifiers Tuners Receivers
* SA-300 X-1000 400CX-2 FM-1000 800-C
SA-100 * X-1000 400CX FM-200-B 500-C
SA-16 X-202-B 400C * FM-100-B * 500-C
* 200 * X-100 * 400C FM-50-B * 500-C
80AZ KX-200 * TR-1 * MPX-100 400
50AZ X-100-3 90C * MPX-200 800-B
CA-40 X-100-2 * 80-C   500-B
30-A KX-90     500-S
55-A       500
* 100        
* 360 A/P