Buying Used McIntosh Stereo Equipment

Top Prices Paid Used Mcintosh Stereo Equipment working or not –

untested ok – any condition OK.

We are now paying top prices for all vintage and modern Mcintosh audio equipment – modern, vintage, working, and in need of repair.

We have been buying, selling, and repairing Mcintosh audio equipment for over 25 years and this is our favorite brand to work on, Mcintosh is one of the best built and most robust make of audio equipment. EVER! Amps from the 50’s still sound as good or after we are done with them better than they did when they were first sold!

If you would like to sell your vintage or not so vintage Mcintosh amplifier, preamp, tuner, either stereo or mono contact us – [email protected] or call 503-887-9015.

we also do repairs – contact us for a quote

We are interested in the following model numbers however if you have a piece of gear that is not on this list please contact us for a buy quote.

Buying McIntosh Amplifiers

  • MC-30 mono Tube Power  Amplifier
  • MC-40 Mono Tube Power  Amplifier
  • MC-60 Mono Tube Power  Amplifier
  • MC-75 Mono Tube Power  Amplifier
  • MC-225 Stereo Tube Power  Amplifier
  • MC-240 Stereo Tube Power  Amplifier
  • MC-275 Stereo Tube Power  Amplifier
  • MC2150 150w Stereo Power  Amplifier
  • MC2155 150w Stereo amplifier
  • MC2200 200w Stereo amplifier
  • MC2205 200w Stereo amplifier
  • MC2250 250w Stereo amplifier
  • MC2255 250w Stereo amplifier
  • MC2300 300w Stereo Amplifier
  • MC2500 500w Stereo Amplifier
  • MC2505 50w Stereo Amplifier
  • MC2600 600w Stereo Amplifier
  • MC3500 T 350w Mono Amplifier
  • MC7100 100w Stereo Amplifier
  • MC7104 100w 4ch Amplifier
  • MC7106 160w 6ch Amplifier
  • MC7108 50w 8ch Amplifier
  • MC7150 150w Stereo Amplifier
  • MC7200 200w Stereo amplifier
  • MC7270 270w Stereo Amplifier
  • MC7300 300w Stereo Amplifier
  • MK30 T 30w kit Mono Amplifier

 Buying McIntosh Pre-Amps

  • Mcintosh AE2 T mono
  • Mcintosh C4 T mono
  • Mcintosh C8 T mono
  • Mcintosh C8P T mono
  • Mcintosh C8S T mono/st
  • Mcintosh C11 T stereo
  • Mcintosh C15 stereo
  • Mcintosh C20  stereo
  • Mcintosh C22  stereo
  • Mcintosh C22 T reissue
  • Mcintosh C24 stereo
  • Mcintosh C26 stereo
  • Mcintosh C27 stereo
  • McintoshC28 stereo
  • Mcintosh C29 stereo
  • Mcintosh C30 stereo
  • Mcintosh C31V stereo
  • Mcintosh C32 stereo
  • Mcintosh C33 stereo
  • Mcintosh C34V stereo
  • Mcintosh C35 stereo
  • Mcintosh C36 stereo
  • Mcintosh C37 stereo
  • Mcintosh C38 stereo
  • Mcintosh C39 stereo
  • Mcintosh C40 stereo
  • Mcintosh C100 stereo
  • Mcintosh C104 T mono
  • Mcintosh C108 T mono
  • Mcintosh C504 stereo
  • Mcintosh C710 stereo
  • Mcintosh C712 stereo

Buying McIntosh Tuners

  • MR65 tuner
  • MR67 tuner
  • MR71 tuner
  • MR74 tuner
  • MR75 tuner
  • MR80 tuner


For items that are not on this list please contact us.