Now Buying Tube Gear

We are now buying any brand / model of old – vintage – antique  amplifiers and other audio equipment from the golden era of audio, the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Pat and Paul of Classic Tube Audio have been repairing and collecting fine vintage tube audio equipment since they were in their teens, since then (that was quite some time ago) they grew up, got jobs but never lost the passion and love for fine musical and audio equipment. Now we have built a website where we can turn our passion into a little bit of extra cash, buying and selling some of what we think are the finest vintage audio equipment.

So if you have any old tube audio gear, such as power amps, pre-amps, tuners, receivers, just about any cool old audio equipment, send a few photos, and a short description and we will make you an offer, if you like what we are willing to pay then ship it on over to and we will mail you a check – it is that easy. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call 503-887-9015 or send us an email @ [email protected]  or click here for our web form.

Then send a few photos of what you have along with a description we will get back to you with our no obligation cash offer, along with shipping instructions.  We will get back to you  once we receive your item we will mail you a certified check/money order (unless you would prefer a different method such as a wire transfer or PayPal) for the agreed upon amount + shipping.

It is that easy.

if you have any questions please check out our FAQ or email us and we will do our best to provide you with a prompt answer. Below is the short list of items we are always buying; however if you have an item that is not on the list please contact us.
Pat and Paul
Classic Tube Audio


Dynaco ST 70

Dynaco Pas 3

Dynaco Pas3x

Dynaco Pas 2

Dynaco ST 35

Dynaco Mark II

Dynaco PAM-1

Dynaco Mark III

Dynaco Mark IV

Dynaco SCA 35

Dynaco FM 2

Dynaco FM 3

Pilot Tube Amps

Pilot AA-903B

Pilot SA-260

Pilot 264

Pilot 245a

Pilot 232a


Rodgers LEAK

Rodgers LEAK TL 12.1

Rodgers LEAK TL10

Rodgers LEAK Point 1


Bogan T35A

Bogan CAM

Bogan CHS-35A

Bogan CT35

Bogan CT60

Bogan CT100

Bogan MTA10A

Bogan NTB250

Bogan RM300

Bogan RM300B

Bogan IE-4S

Bogan INL-1

Bogan IM-9

Bogan IM-17

Bogan RIM-1

Bogan RIM-3

Bogan RIE-1

Bogan TCP-3

Bogan TIM-6

Bogan TIM-12

Bogan TIM-24

Bogan TSL-8X

Bogan TSL-16X

Bogan TSL-1X

Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon A-300

Harman Kardon Citation I

Harman Kardon Citation II

Harman Kardon Citation III

Harman Kardon PC-200

Harman Kardon Citation V

Harman Kardon Recital 2

Harman Kardon A500

Harman Kardon CA12 Commander

Harman Kardon A50

Harman Kardon AA100

Harman Kardon A220

Harman Kardon F500X

Harman Kardon TA100X

Harman Kardon TA260

Radio Craftsman 505a


HH Scott

HH Scott 330

HH Scott 222B

HH Scott Stereo MasterHH Scott 299d

HH Scott LK72

HH Scott LK 150

HH Scott 200B

HH Scott 99B

HH Scott 232B

HH Scott Dynaural 121


Quad I

Quad II


Tubes or Anyting




Western Electric